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Animals | January 15, 2022 11:39 PM | hangbony

After taking the Impala from leopards and wild dogs, the hyena enjoys a magnificent supper.

Although all predators are opportunistic, wild dogs and hyenas are at the top of the food chain when it comes to stealing from other animals.

A fantastic compilation of exotic creatures in one film. In a viral YouTube video, hyenas grab prey from wild dogs and leopards.

A leopard successfully trapped an impala and was attempting to get its meal up to a nearby tree to avoid being taken by wild dogs when the violent struggle broke out.

After the group of wild dogs had collected, the leopard was attacked and the impala was successfully stolen, and the leopard was ready to enjoy the meal without exerting any effort. The leopard was terrified and climbed a big tree alone, regretfully watching.

However, wild dogs are not intelligent animals; the hyena was the smartest, arriving last in the fight, and the three hyenas happily feasted on the tasty impala, much to the dogs’ chagrin. leopard and wild

This incredible wild video has received over 7 million views on Youtube and innumerable interesting and fascinating comments from viewers. People who join the conflict late and get the best achievements are the wisest.

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