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Animals | January 19, 2022 10:23 AM | hangbony

Harbin Tiger Park tiger leaps 20 feet for pheasant.

Feeding tigers in the zoo is one thing. But feeding an entire battalion of the majestic animal in the open is a job which is not only risky but also a sensational view for the spectators. The video above is an example.

A jeep enters the snowy arena of tigers (the Siberian variety most probably) and as the animals begin converging around the vehicle, a man opens the front door and throws out two fowls into the hungry animals, much to the shock of the spectators who are viewing the proceedings and video-taking it from the top. The tigers run after one of the fowls and eventually kills it.

What happened to the other fowl is not known. Soon after, the man in the jeep throws another pair of fowls into the crowd of the predators and jump made by one of the striped beauties to get hold of the flying fowl is worth a thousand clicks. The tigers manage to kill one of the new set of fowls as well while the other goes outside the video’s frame.

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