The attractive combination of blue and white makes AZURE TIT a must-see rare in some parts of Europe!

A charming tiny bird with a brilliant combination of blue and white feathers and a chic black mask.

The azure tit (Cyanistes cyanus) is a passerine bird that belongs to the Paridae family of tit birds. These birds are predominantly white with blue patches along their backs and are around four to five inches long. This bird truly stands out against the predominantly white background.

The Azure Tit is a much-welcome sight that most, if not all, European birders would like to witness. The intriguing cousin of the more well-known eastern Blue Tit. This is what a dearth of yellow, along with greater white and scarcity, can achieve to grab the public’ attention.

Consider a wintering bird in, say, the United Kingdom; I have no doubt that such a visit would set new records for the number of people who came to pay homage to its presence.

A fourth of the range of this turquoise and white riverine shrub and light broad-leaved woodland inhabitant is on European soil.