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Animals | February 22, 2022 1:06 PM | hangbony

15 Most Powerful African Animals

We know that some animals are naturally strong. Born to hunt, chase, and, if necessary, kill, these characters show phenomenal strength. In a fist fight, most would easily overpower a human; others could cause significant harm! These guys are not only feared, they are admired. From the largest primate on the planet, to an animal considered to be part of the “big five”, here are the 15 most powerful African animals in the world!

Lots of people say Australia has the most dangerous animals, but I think Asia, Africa, and South America have more deadly animals. I think Africa and South America have the most dangerous animals in the world because Africa has hippos and gorillas and lions and leopards and cape buffalo and lots more. Asia has tigers and bears and cobras and loads more. And South America is home to the most dangerous spider in the world and electric eels and piranhas and lots more But Australia does have some dangerous animals too, like stone fish and sting rays and Australian magpie and cassowary and emu and kangaroo and lots more.

Many powerful animals roam the African savannah, some s.car.ier than others. How d.anger.ous do you think a pack of wild dogs is? What about Baboons? If you want to meet some f.ormi.dable animals, stay tuned as we count down the 15 most powerful African animals.

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