Truly one of the most incredible sightings I have ever had on safari! A huge crocodile k.illed a zebra during a crossing of the Mara River during the Great Migration, and p.rom.ptly h.a.d it s.t.o.l.e.n by 2 young hippos!

Hippos are herbivores, but have been known to e.a.t small amounts of m.eat from time to time. I am not sure exactly how much m.e.a.t the hippos actually con.su.med, but they certainly gave the zebra a good working over. They m.ana.ged to keep the zebra away from the h.ungry crocs for a good 45mins.

It would make my day if the hippos m.ocked the croc by doing its signature d.ea.th roll, r.ipp.ing off c.hu.nks of f.lesh. That would put a real spin on things, if you will.