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Animals | March 12, 2022 2:42 AM | hangbony


This was the moment devoted researchers realized a leopard is one of the culprits, who raids the hornbill-bird nests, s.tea.ling the babies!

Animals can do the most unbelievable things. Even more so when they are not aware that they are being filmed or watched. 32-year old, Ph.D. candidate, Kyle-Mark Middleton and Project Researcher, Carrie Hickman came across this footage from a camera t.rap. A cheeky leopard s.tealing a baby bird from a hornbill nest.

Great conservation effort by researchers to install artificial nests for hornbills. However, they could have built it with a smaller nest entrance. The entrance is too wide even for an adult hornbill. No wonder the leopard was able to sneak its big head and catch the chick.

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