Antelope flees hunting jackals while an eagle attacks from the air

The majority of antelope species are well-equipped to a.void predator assaults. The steenbok, a large-eyed, satellite-eared buck native to southern Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, is an expert at h.iding and, if discovered, can s.print at a b.reakneck speed, spinning and twisting away from any would-be a.ttackers.

A steenbok in South Africa’s Kruger National Park recently had to defend itself a.gai.nst not just a pair of jackals racing through the bush, but also an aerial from an opportunistic eagle.

Field guide Shaun Etsebeth shot footage of the a.ttem.pted h.unt in June. Etsebeth was on a game drive in the reserve when he came to a halt to view a perched tawny eagle (Aquila rapax). These large raptors are prevalent in Kruger’s semi-arid savannahs, where they e.a.t largely carrion and h.unt for food on occasion.