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Animals, Birds | March 22, 2022 8:26 AM | hangbony

Antelope flees hunting jackals while an eagle attacks from the air

The majority of antelope species are well-equipped to a.void predator assaults. The steenbok, a large-eyed, satellite-eared buck native to southern Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania, is an expert at h.iding and, if discovered, can s.print at a b.reakneck speed, spinning and twisting away from any would-be a.ttackers.

A steenbok in South Africa’s Kruger National Park recently had to defend itself a.gai.nst not just a pair of jackals racing through the bush, but also an aerial a.tta.ck from an opportunistic eagle.

Field guide Shaun Etsebeth shot footage of the a.ttem.pted h.unt in June. Etsebeth was on a game drive in the reserve when he came to a halt to view a perched tawny eagle (Aquila rapax). These large raptors are prevalent in Kruger’s semi-arid savannahs, where they e.a.t largely carrion and h.unt for food on occasion.

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