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Love & Cute | March 30, 2022 3:51 PM | hangbony

Mother Orangutan’s Reunited With Her K.idnapped Daughter.

We can learn so much from animals….their ability to love implicitly without words, without “preparing”, they just know how to love and care for their young. I dream of being a loving mother like this someday.

I agree with Clara’s keeper. I sensed absolutely NO a.ggres.sion or hostility in Clara as the saw her daughter. If anything, she was curious and very gentle. The way she caressed her daughter’s head was almost protective….like she knew instinctively “this is MY baby”.

And then, when they opened the cage and returned the little one to her and she held her baby, you could CLEARLY see the mother-love shining in Clara’s eyes as she held her baby. And she immediately let her baby nurse. It was like she was saying “I got this now. She’s mine”. I am glad mother and daughter are reunited.

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