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Horror giant crabs peel coconuts, break birds and dominate an island

Animals | January 27, 2023 3:15 PM | hangbony

My dad was in the South Pacific during WWII. He said that his biggest fear was diving into his foxhole and finding a Coconut Crab in it. He said they could chop pieces off of a shovel with that claw. I know an ex-Navy dude who stationed on Diego Garcia. He says those coconut crabs […]

Rare WHITE mother and baby giraffe spotted for the first time in Kenya

Animals | | hangbony

For a while, a pair of rare white giraffes were only a tall tale. Now the conservation where the giraffes were spotted says it’s only the third known sighting of the unique animal. Their existence was just a rumor until rangers in Kenya saw the real thing for themselves! The mother giraffe seemed just as […]

Admire the creature that is half worm, half snake but has 2 legs

Animals | | hangbony

Sara Ruane, a biologist at Rutgers University, explains that the researchers had to use traps to catch the mole lizards. She shared that when she looked at the bottom of the bucket and caught them, she was surprised because she couldn’t see anything. So she plowed through the sand, and a mole lizard suddenly emerged, […]

Surprise with a bizarre piglet born with human-like face and p*nis on its forehead

Animals | | hangbony

A pig has given birth to a mutant piglet with an elephant trunk on its forehead and a human-like face in southeast China. The ‘freak’ piglet has stunned villagers as it gasped for breaths and moved weakly on the villager’s hand. The animal, which reportedly died two days after birth, was suggested to be suffering […]

There are extremely mysterious giant snake butterflies on this tree

Animals | | hangbony

Photos purporting to show three angry snakes in a tree have perplexed Internet users, as the creatures were revealed to be gentle, albeit gigantic, insects. Hiding in this tree are some specimens of Attacs atlas, or the Atlas moth, an amazing moth native to the Malaysian rainforest that disguises itself as a snake. The Atlas […]

Frightened by the alien-like creature with furry tentacles and huge orange body

Animals | | hangbony

The monster insect is seen wiggling its huge orange body up and down while moving its four thick tentacles around in Indonesia. One person joked: “I’d burn the house down if I saw this,” while another added: “Give him the keys and tell him the house is yours.”

In the 17-meter-deep abyss, a man and a fish have a magical friendship that lasts 30 years

Animals | | hangbony

Scuba divers Hiroyuki Arakawa and Yoriko are the unlikeliest of friends. While they both share a love for the sea, Yoriko’s gills and tail make her a little more aquatically inclined. Nearly every day for the past 25 years, Arakawa has been diving into the waters of Hasama Underwater Park in Tateyama, Japan, to visit […]

‘Zombie shark’ spotted still hunting for food despite missing half its body

Animals | | hangbony

THIS is the astonishing moment a researcher spotted a shark that was still hunting for its prey despite being “half eaten.” The scientist was startled as he watched the injured beast be ravaged in a cannibalistic attack while releasing an oceanic black-tip shark into the sea. Despite being half-eaten by other sharks when scientists released […]

‘Rare creatυre” with aп impossibly roυпd, blob-like body aпd aп expressive face pυzzled everyoпe

Animals | | hangbony

Earlier this month, a photo began to circulate on Twitter, sparking controversy about its veracity. People were doubtful that the big frog was a real animal because it resembled Jabba the Hutt’s long-lost cousin. Many people said it was a hoax or that it was some type of shellless turtle. “This frog is doing the […]

America: “Superstar” 4-legged duck caused a fever in the online community

Animals | | hangbony

Donald the duckling was born with four legs, but he’s expected to live a normal ducky life on a farm in Sulphur, Louisiana. His owner tells CNN affiliate KPLC, “I’ve never seen this before. I’ve never seen anything remotely close to this. I’ve had animals my entire life, and I’ve never had anything like this.” […]

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