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When suddenly a dangerous cobra came out of the hole, see what it was eating and then how it was rescued.

Snakes | November 24, 2023 12:25 AM | hangbony

When suddenly a dangerous cobra came out of a hole, a group of villagers were shocked and feared for their lives. It was an unexpected and dangerous situation, as the cobra was one of the most venomous snakes in the country. The cobra had emerged from a hole near a village pond and was about […]

In southwest Brazil, a mother jaguar and her newborn cub dwarf a sixteen-foot anaconda.

Fighter | November 21, 2023 2:47 AM | hangbony

Recently, a remarkable event took place in the wilds of southwest Brazil. A mother jaguar and her young cub were caught in a fierce battle with a massive 16ft anaconda. The fight began when the mother jaguar was trying to protect her young cub from the anaconda. The jaguar leaped and clawed at the anaconda, […]

Cheetah Runs for Its Life After Stalking Three Warthogs

Fighter | | hangbony

The cheetah is one of the fastest animals on land, capable of reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. But even this powerful predator has its limits, as one cheetah recently discovered in a wildlife reserve in South Africa. The cheetah had been stalking three warthogs for several minutes when it finally made […]

Crocodile hunts Impala 3rd time Lucky! Not easy to see these reptiles catch a meal but we did!!

Fighter | | hangbony

Witnessing a crocodile catching its prey is an amazing and rare sight. We were fortunate enough to witness such an event recently while on safari in South Africa. The scene was set at a river bank in the Kruger National Park. We had been observing a large crocodile sunning itself on the banks of the […]

A series of pictures depicts a wildebeest soaring over the heads of two lionesses while evading seven large cats.

Fighter | | hangbony

A recent set of photos has gone viral for its unbelievable nature, showing a wildebeest soaring over the heads of two lionesses as it escapes from seven hungry big cats. The photos, taken by wildlife photographer Marsel van Oosten, have been seen around the world, captivating viewers with its astonishing display of animal behavior. The […]

The courageous mother gazelle despète̩у strives to protect her young from the gigantic eagle’s claws, but the bird of paradise is too big.

Fighter | | hangbony

As one of the most graceful and gentle animals of the African savannah, the mother gazelle is usually seen frolicking in the grassy plains and meadows with her young fawn. But on this fateful day, a giant eagle had descended from the sky and had set its sights on the gazelle’s baby. The brave mother […]

Dinnertime is here! Images of an eagle approaching a feomoṜs cobra head-on before it is swallowed completely can be seen.

Fighter | | hangbony

Eagles are known for their incredible hunting skills, but one eagle recently shocked onlookers with its dinner time prowess. A series of incredulous pictures show the eagle coming face to face with a venomous cobra before catching it and swallowing it whole! The eagle was spotted near a village in India. It had apparently been […]

The serpent was reduced to a fist and wobbled by the honey badger.

Fighter | | hangbony

The honey badger is known for its fearless and tenacious attitude. Recently, a honey badger has been making headlines after it challenged a python to a fight. The incident occurred in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. A group of tourists was visiting the park when they stumbled upon the confrontation. The honey badger was seen […]

A crocodile drags an unsuspecting waterbuck below, but the animal escapes in time to survive.

Fighter | | hangbony

An incredible story of survival has emerged from the African savannah, where a waterbuck was dragged underwater by a crocodile but managed to break free in a dramatic battle for survival. The waterbuck was peacefully grazing on the grassy bank of a river in Botswana when it was suddenly snatched by a large crocodile. The […]

Sadly, a pregnant zebra was devoured alive by a hyena pack.

Fighter | | hangbony

The heartbreaking fate of a pregnant zebra has recently been discovered in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, Africa. A pack of hyenas was seen devouring a zebra that had been killed by a lion. After closer inspection, it was discovered that the zebra was pregnant and was carrying a foal. This tragic scene […]

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