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Lion Shows Tourists Why Windows Should be Closed

Animals | February 6, 2022 2:01 PM | hangbony

People were slowly moving off and more arriving, as is usual with a lion sighting, Eventually, I got close to the front. By this time, the big lion had made a few advances on the female, nuzzling her and trying to get her consent, but every time, he was rebuffed with a fierce growl from […]

How Squirrels Hunt And Survive In The Wild

Animals | | hangbony

A squirrel is being stalked by a cat. The squirrel is snacking, completely oblivious to his precarious condition. This appears to be yet another example of the workplace food chain, but guess what? It’s not the case. The squirrel makes a few moves and turns the tables on the cat, a.dop.ting an a.ggres.sive stance and […]

The W.ar for Survival – Tigers Meet the Python and the T.erri.ble Ending

Animals | | hangbony

Tigers Meet the Python and the H.orrible End | Wild Animal Life According to legend, a tiger was travelling across his kingdom looking for prey when he came across a delicate animal with exquisite textures on its body. Not only that, but the creature is enormous and creeps stealthily across the ground. It can only […]

Lion Spotted Grinning When Mating With Its Lioness In The Maasai Mara National Reserve

Animals | February 5, 2022 9:15 AM | hangbony

Nothing beats capturing the unique moments of wild creatures for a wildlife photographer. In his career, these images might become “once-in-a-lifetime” and help him build a name for himself. Vclav Ilha, a 55-year-old photographer, accomplished an amazing job. He just captured the happy face of a lion mating with its lioness in Kenya’s Massai Mara […]

Palawan Peacock-Pheasant, A Striking Bird With Iridescent Blue-Green Plumage And Mohawk

Birds | | hangbony

The peacock-pheasant of Palawan is a magnificent bird. Its iridescent blue-green plumage and Mohawk make it stand out wherever it goes. The creature’s black underbelly and white stripes above (and below) the eyes add to its allure. The peacock-like tail with distinctive patterns on this bird is quite striking. Female Palawan peacock-pheasants have a dull […]

The only Alpine Parrot in the World, the Stunning Kea, is Here.

Birds | | hangbony

The kea is a unique bird that deserves to be mentioned when it comes to unique birds. The alpine parrots were born with beautiful feathers. Underneath their wings are vivid orange, barred yellow, and black feathers with olive-emerald borders. When these creatures spread their wings, they are quite stunning.   Their orange feathers, interestingly, are […]

Bullsnake eating chicken eggs

Animals | | hangbony

We discovered this bullsnake d.evou.ring eggs in our chicken coop and promptly grabbed the camera. It was amazing to see, and he seemed unconcerned that we were observing him. He abruptly clenched his m.usc.les and surged forward a few inches when the egg was about 4 or 5 inches down. U.nfortun.ately, we didn’t get this […]

Horror Battle With Giant ANACONDA Monster 7m Long Weight 200kg

Animals | | hangbony

Why are they s.abota.ging their own lives? This is incredibly d.anger.ous, yet they appear to be u.nconc.erned. Even if the snake was not v.enom.ous, a single b.ite would have r.ipp.ed their f.lesh away. It’s great that you got the python because it’s no longer valuable in the environment because it’ll c.ons.ume all the wildlife in […]

When found in the farmer’s field, a huge python snake, never seen such a rescue

Animals | | hangbony

Python is a genus of constricting snakes belonging to the Pythonidae family that is native to the Eastern Hemisphere’s tropics and subtropics. Non-venomous flecked snakes were given the name Python by François Marie Daudin in 1803.   It is an Indian rock python, which is mostly a constrictor species that is completely nonvenmus yet quite […]

Black Cobra vs Monitor Lizard

Animals | February 4, 2022 9:28 AM | hangbony

What’s the use of all that potent venom if it’s afraid to use it to save itself from d.eath? Cobra was more c.oncer.ned about the cameraman; poor cobra was more interested in you lurking around and photography! The sound is h.orrible, and it can be used as a w.arning that the snake is about to […]

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