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Mother Wildebeest Saves Young from Leopard …

Animals | November 10, 2021 3:01 AM | hangbony

Mom, you saved the day! Sorry about the inconvenience, leopard… This incredible video depicts the consequences of a leopard messing with the wrong mother. The situation for the wildebeest calf appeared bad at first, as the leopard made its way… However, the tables were swiftly turned… The mother Wildebeest, unfortunately for the huge cat, would […]

Python Snake Vs Crocodile Ultimate Battle.

Animals | | hangbony

When a crocodile emerged onstage carrying a huge python in its jaws, viewers on a popular wildlife live cam were treated to quite a spectacle. The encounter was captured on Explore, org’s “Africam,” a live streaming camera that allows visitors to see Africa’s animals in real time. When this croc stumbled upon the large snake, […]

Wild Deer Is Extremely Friendly.

Animals | | hangbony

A guy also chugs two water bottles quite rapidly in this video, On the sea, four tornadoes have been observed, A view of a hot dog from above. Kitten is having trouble climbing on the roof with the other cats, so mother steps in to help, A frog consumes an insect, A man flees from […]

Cobras Drinking Water.

Animals | | hangbony

Snakes, like other creatures, require water to thrive, Even poisonous ones can be … But, like other animals, do snakes need to drink water? Yes, they do for many species, although it can be a bit complex, Take a look at this cobra sipping water, It resembles a strange, scaly cat rather than a snake, […]

Desert Animals: The Cobra.

Animals | | hangbony

In the sea surrounding these beaches, there are more than sharks to be found. Californians have just … snakes, Yellow-bellied sea snakes are completely aquatic snakes that like to live in tropical seas, They are related to the King Cobra. Nerve impulses to the respiratory system can be shut down by a bite from this […]

Crocodile is King River, Lion Lose.

Animals | November 9, 2021 2:56 PM | hangbony

Although kings on land, lions are occasionally compelled to traverse rivers, especially during the rainy season, and this puts them out of their element, This is when the jungle king must defend himself. One such incident is seen in the video above, We watch a juvenile male lion crossing the Sabie River in South Africa’s […]

Two-Headed Fawn Discovered in a Forest.

Animals | | hangbony

A mushroom hunter in Minnesota came across an unusual find: a stillborn two-headed deer, This is a first; the only other known occurrence of conjoined fawns occurred in utero (within the mother’s womb). In a statement, University of Georgia physicist Gino D’Angelo stated, “It’s remarkable and exceedingly unusual,” “We have no way of knowing how […]

This smart dog loves water!

Animals | | hangbony

So cute. She is soooo engaged. That is the best thing ever, watching her go at it. So captivating I could watch her forever. And the pounces at the water! She’s a beautiful! that dog is awesome has the spirit from the heavens. This is the best video I’ve seen in a long time. I […]

King Cobra Big Battle In The Desert Mongoose and the unexpected.

Animals | | hangbony

Few animal fights have garnered more attention than the legendary duel between the cobra and the mongoose throughout history, Cobras were feared for their … and adored as deities in ancient Egyptian and Indian civilizations, whereas mongooses were respected for their ability to … snakes. Cobras, of course, do not all belong to the same […]

Mother Mountain Goat Protect Her Baby From Snow Leopard Hunting, Animals Hunt Fail

Animals | November 8, 2021 4:53 AM | hangbony

Beautiful film footage of both species playing and hunting in their native habitats, yet separated by time, space, and distance. The only extended stretch here is the author’s imagination, which the audience either can’t or doesn’t care about. Actually he spliced 3 video’s together the desert red rock is in Isreal, the vertical dam is […]

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