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Dean Schneider

Bonding with the pride, Rhino Sanctuary and Monkey health scare.

Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 1:53 PM | hangbony

In today’s vlog, I visit a rhino sanctuary and get to see some incredible Southern White Rhinos and learn about the reproduction and future of their species, take care of Jayjay and Momo, and bond with Dexter and the lion pride. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe to see more exclusive content from Hakuna […]

Lion Pride, Rock Python Rescue, and more!

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

I can’t believe this dude has only been posting for 2 months and is already so cool and has over a million subs. He deserves it. He needs 100 million, doesn’t he. He is so kind. He has made me respect animals and their lives. I really respect you for your engagement, Dean Schneider I […]

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