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Huge St. Bernards Raise Baby Goat As Their Own

Dog | July 26, 2022 6:09 AM | hangbony

We’ve been witnessed a lot of acts of kindness and not likely friendships between animals of different species. And when it concerns caring for those in need, nothing compares with a dog’s heart. Obviously, the man’s best friend might easily be called everyone’s best friend. And these two giant St. Bernards are no less Julie […]

Camera Reveals What Guy’s Dog And Cat Are Up To While He’s Away

Cat, Dog | July 25, 2022 12:44 PM | hangbony

Meet Otis the dog and his little brother, Blue the cat. Here they are now, snuggling together peacefully on the couch — the perfect picture of interspecies harmony. But don’t be fooled by this moment of sweet repose. Otis and Blue’s relationship is actually a bit more complicated. Recently, the pets’ owner, Kristopher Alphonse, decided […]

At The Vet A Kitten Sneaks Out Of Its Crate To Comfort A Scared Dog

Cat, Dog | July 23, 2022 9:54 AM | hangbony

After a heavy downpour, Ginger Biscuit was discovered drenched and in need of assistance in a storm drain. His savior transported him to Greenside Animal Hospital, where he was placed in the isolation ward, where he could mend and recuperate in quiet, because they didn’t know anything about his condition. When Ginger initially arrived at […]

Poor Dog Helplessly Waits for Owner Without Knowing That His Owner Sold House and Abandoned Him

Dog | | hangbony

The previous owner of this house sold it and abandoned his dog on the street. Oscar was well aware that this was his home and that his family would return. Oscar is a lovely dog who was abandoned when his owners decided to relocate and simply left him. Oscar was lost for months, sitting quietly […]

Dog and cat fight

Cat, Dog | July 13, 2022 8:55 AM | hangbony

The cats working together like a pride of lions was actually really interesting, and the dog holding his own and not backing down like a badass was awesome. Hopefully someone intervened and stopped the fight so no one got hurt. Props to the dog. He was being attacked by a group of freaking ninjas with […]

Wild cats attacking dog

Cat, Dog | | hangbony

The second attacking cat, the ginger one, must be a bonded sibling/friend of the first attacker. The first attacker probably has PTSD from his past experience with dogs. It’s too bad. But it’s nice that there is some solidarity there between the cats. Other cats, like the ginger and white one at the side of […]

Playful Lion Cub, Dog And A Cat Are best friends

Cat, Dog | June 20, 2022 12:31 AM | hangbony

cat will développe size complex if you put these two together because a baby lion has the same size at the beginning of their growth 😂😂😂😂😂 The cat will wonder why I am the only one to not growth. Lmaao the lion wants to fight everyone 😂 thats his way of showing love y’all. ​​Hi […]

>> Her Dog Was Found 2 Years Later And 1,000 Miles Away, She’s Afraid He’s Forgotten He

Dog | June 7, 2022 2:39 AM | hangbony

Debbie Petranck was terrified when her tiny Pug-nosed Terrier, Zeus, vanished from his backyard in Ocala, Florida. She explored the neighborhood and paid haphazard visits to the city’s shelters, but her beloved puppy was nowhere to be seen. Disgusted by the loss, the sad owner began placing a weekly “lost dog” ad in the local […]

>> “Stone Faced” Dog Was In So Much Pain That She Just Wanted Her Life To End

Dog | | hangbony

For homeless dogs, life is a relentless battle for survival. But for one sick st.ray dog named Petra, life had become a painful chore that she desperately wanted to end. Poor Petra was found ailing on the streets by the workers of “Save A Greek Stray”, writes ilovemydogsomuch Her diseased skin was in such bad […]

>> Elderly Woman Pa.ss.es Away & Now All 14 Of Her Senior Dogs Are Homeless

Dog | | hangbony

When an old dog owner pa.ss.ed away unexpectedly, two rescue organizations, Stray Rescue of St. Louis and Five Acres Animal Shelter, teamed up to find homes for 14 senior canines. ilovemydogsomuch adds that none of the fourteen dogs had ever received medical attention. Both groups had no idea what to anticipate, but they knew they […]

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