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Brave Children Catch vicious snake by hand in Cambodia.

Animals | November 30, 2021 2:21 PM | hangbony

They are aware of the danger, yet they regard it as a game, Grab the tail and drag it while attempting to grab the head, They are safe and successful once they have grabbed the snake’s head. The oldest child is the most calm and calculated in his approach to catching the snake. That child […]

Cambodian kids catching snakes at rice field.

Animals | | hangbony

They are aware of the danger but it’s a game to them, Grab the tail drag it, try to grab the head, Once they grab the snakes head they are safe and they succeed, Oldest kid is the most calm and calculating about how to catch the snake. that kid has the biggest balls of […]

eagle vs Squirrel.

Birds | | hangbony

In my backyard, there is a hawk’s nest, At least one has lived back there for the entire time I’ve been here, which is now 8 years. I used to have squirrels in my garden eating my peas a few years back, I discovered the remains of a squirrel at the side of my garden […]

Snake Eating A Snake That Is Eating A Frog.

Animals | | hangbony

One of the strangest videos I’ve taken, I was out for an urban hike in Orlando, FL this evening when I saw a snake … another snake, I then saw 2 more snakes come out as well, The one snake then spit the other snake back up and you can see it was … a […]

One to many.

Birds | | hangbony

These fighting roosters at SEA area are literall gladiators, They are feed and trained to fight, and by honor, or live another day in superiority. They’re only cute and funny because they’re like 100times smaller than us, If they were actually half our size we’d have a very different opinion about them now. I dream […]

Leopard vs Crocodile.

Animals | | hangbony

A jaguar hunts a crocodile in the Amazon, He jumps into the river and then it’s in the water !! This indeed happened here in Brazil, but not in the Amazon: it actually happened in the Pantanal (wetlands located in Brazil’s middle-western region). This reptile is not a croc, either: it’s a caiman (a species […]

Goat v Chicken.

Animals | | hangbony

Baby goat Russell was wandering around the construction site for an expanded Goat-A-Torium when an irate hen challenged him. Russel thinking it was a game, gave the hen chances to take her best shot, but knew the advantage goes to the high ground, Hen vanquished, it’s time for a victory dance, Baby goats are soooo […]

Warthog … Baby from Leopard.

Animals | | hangbony

This is the heart-stopping story of a warthog mother’s baby being … by a leopard, and how the brave mother did something incredible to … her piglet. The leopard stealthily trailed a herd of warthogs, going entirely unseen until it leapt out of the bushes, thanks to its well-known stealth abilities, The big feline pounced […]

Cat and duck fighting.

Animals | November 29, 2021 8:14 AM | hangbony

Check out these two best friends as they engage in some hilariously epic playing, Who will emerge victorious? Romance, whether humans or animals really love each other, happy all the time, good! This reminds me of Stampy and Squaishey If you don’t know who they are…they are famous for gaming content. It’s cool how they […]

Bulldog watching movies.

Animals | | hangbony

This guy really gets into his movies, He’s literally on the edge of his seat shouting at the TV! He didn’t bark when she was in trouble though, he barked at Kong specifically, He doesn’t like the giant ape, haha. Ironically, he seemed more worried about the gorilla than the tyrannosaurs. That is so cute, […]

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