This is why the Tiger is the Most … Animal! / Tiger VS Bear, Crocodile and Deer!

Today I propose to look at the impeccable hunt of the tiger and find out what this most animal in the world is capable of! To your attention, a predatory feline mammal – the Tiger!

Although I’m a tiger fan but i don’t agree with the average weight of an amur tiger that you just mentioned in this video cuz the current data says there are almost 500 amur tigers left in this world and because of lack of food the average weight for amur tigers is estimated 180-200 kg! But yep in captivity they can weigh more than 300 kg for sure.

The tiger among the felines is the most powerful hunter. Alone, he overcomes the largest prey. Such as gauras and buffaloes, and very rarely attacks elephants.

It was a tigress that defeated the crocodile because she was protecting the game for her young. The tigress lost a canine value, injured her eye and injured her paw, but won the duel. If I’m not mistaken, that was the story. This tigress was famous in India! The tigress’s name is Machli.