Sparrowhawk v Crow.

Great video, but better not get that close, that hawk fought hard for a meal, it may really need that food, don’t scare it away before it’s eaten after expending all that energy. Keep your distance.

Mother Nature is NOT warm and fuzzy. And Dude, use a tripod. Hawk will get his business done much quicker with not having to watch your every move.

Not a crow. A Jackdaw! A sparrow hawk would have a LOT more difficulty dispatching a CROW which is larger and much stronger than a Jackdaw!!

It’s actually a Jackdaw. Part of the crow family but a Jackdaw. There’s a video on YouTube of a hawk of some kind attacking a Jackdaw and it doesn’t manage to get it’s claws in the jackdaws face and the hawk gets one of it’s eye’s pecked out. I had one as a pet for 9 years. Great video.

Quite striking to observe. After all, it’s a natural occurrence. Thanks for sharing. Greetings from Switzerland.