last fight of the Jackdaw versus Sparrow-hawk.

i raised and released two orphaned sparrow hawks when i was a child. they were found on the bluff at a beach in southern california.

we nursed them to health and kept them for about 3 weeks till they were ready to fly. we released them where we found them. we would return to the beach and they would us and fly around excited to see us. awesome birds.

Birds are much tougher than most people realize. This sparrow hawk has the grip on the face of this jackdaw. Birds that other birds – especially of the same size are really tough. True dinosaurs. I’ve had my parrot for 35 years and that bird is tough and fierce. But also an affectionate and loving companion.

It’s like UFC fights and when you are down on the ground and face up. You lose your strength and defense. It’s very hard to fight back.