Python … a monkey whole!

Python kneading and eating a Langur monkey in central India, after catching it, holding it in a vice-like grasp, and then slowly consuming it with its strong stomach muscles!

Even the flies have joined the feast, piggybacking on the python, because this play has been unfolding in the forests of central India for several hours! In the background, a Black Partridge calls…

Pythons belong to the Pythonidae family of non-venomous snakes that can be found in Africa, Asia, and Australia. Some of the world’s largest snakes are among its members. There are currently eight genera and 26 species recognized. Python from India.

Python Molurus is another name for it. They have a forked tongue with sensors that can sense odor from prey. The Jacobson or vomeronasal organ is the sensing organ. Pythons will also lie down and wait for prey to approach. They attack at breakneck speed. Pigs and deer are among the species that large pythons can consume. The prey is fully alive when it has been asphyxiated. A prey can take anything from one to many days for the python to digest. This Python is chowing down on a langoor.

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