Evacuation of venomous snakes, pythons, evacuation of scary freshwater monsters !!

I salute you, snake hunters who are brave. I’m not playing here, I’m here to see the video. It’s very natural and very typical of innocence with this extraordinary natural video that actually makes the audience really like it. It’s great to explore snake nests that are dangerous to humans. Don’t kill the snake, bro, because it’s a sin; just keep it safe, bro. great bro, good luck bro.

For Bang snakes, if you add salt, it doesn’t have any effect, except for slimy ones like leeches, eels, etc. If a snake dislikes strong odors such as vinegar,
I’m no expert on snakes, but for some people that think that the Burmese is big, it’s actually about the average size of 4 to 6 feet long. The reason for it being a bit wide is that it was digesting a meal. Great catch, guys!

I hope the owner of the tea is always healthy, protected by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, and has lots of sustenance, and hopefully the channel will be more successful.