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Animals | January 3, 2022 11:51 PM | hangbony

finally the great Python snake rulers of the black land were successfully evacuated.

Python snake is the largest snake in the world after anaconda, Python snake length can reach tens of meters and this time I introduce a new type of large Python snake that is a python snake or Python depung snake, another case with a snake or python, because this snake is only live in the habitats of Borneo and Sumatra, This snake animal has a large round shape and a maximal length of 2 meters.

Bang Manda is honest and innocent, just look at the way he talks, it’s messy, but he’s still enthusiastic about his work, he’s really funny… if you tell people to be nice, he’s right, he said to tell him to come here quickly. success always bang Manda God bless.

Release om in a safe place and away from settlements for the sake of preserving the animals. Don’t eat a little bit, sell it a little bit, take care of it, omg, let them live freely and breed.

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