Howling With The World’s Most Valuable Black D-Faced Chicken But More Valuable Than Gold.

This is a one-of-a-kind breed of black chicken in the world; not only are the feathers black, but so are the internal organs. Do you know why there are chickens with black feathers, skin, flesh, and s?

It’s not a chicken, people, it’s a white feathered bird that’s been cooked with tonics for too long, and everything is black. Just joking, there is a particular breed of chicken in the globe that appears to have everything on people, and scientists have recently explained this phenomena.

The Ayam Cemani is regarded as one of the world’s blackest pigmened chicken reeds. Skin, hair, beak, tongue, toes, flesh, and even s are “black.” This chicken is from Indonesia, namely C c
This chicken originated in Indonesia and is known as “metal chicken” in C; in Vietnam, it is known as “d face” chicken due to its very ss face.

Surprisingly, the identical Cemani species found in Indonesia is an excellent example of what scientists refer to as ‘hyperpigemenation.’ Other fowl reeds with smooth and silky coats and substantially hyperpigmented skin and coats are the Vietnamese black Hmong and the Svarthöna, commonly known as the Swedish black. This is referred to by scientists as fibromelanosis (a mutated gene).

This is the weirdest chicken reed in the world, with all-black external features. However, it is not because terms like d or jet black conjure up images of ugliness; it is the color black that makes it rarer and more precious in the perspective of reeders; even those who have it must agree that the ‘colorless’ meat is genuinely distinctive and full of flavor. flavor.

Ayam Cemani is one of the world’s most expensive chicken breeds, with prices reaching 2,500 USD per head (equivalent to more than 50 million VND). Ayam Cemani chicken is said to be beneficial to women both before and after delivery in Asian nations. This chicken reed is highly expensive, and its eggs are also 20 times more expensive.

This chicken reed is highly costly, and its eggs are 20 times more expensive than normal chicken eggs. D-faced chickens have feathers, crested flesh, beaks, and green viscera, among other things. It is likewise black, and its eggs are black. The blackchicken is regarded a mascot in Indonesia to stave off bad luck, the cemani gives good luck, and their cringbrings wealth, Thank you for like and share.