Porcupine in Action: Porcupine vs Cheetah, Dog, Leopard and Snake

In this video, we will watch the epic battles of a porcupine with a dog, a cheetah, a snake, and a leopard.
Porcupines are quite friendly and inquisitive creatures, despite their intimidating appearance. The coat of the porcupine is very diverse: hard, sharp, and long needles at the back, elastic bristles in the center, and soft fur hairs at the front.

In total, up to 30,000 different types of needles can be counted on the body of the animal. All animals know perfectly well that jokes are bad for these animals, but some of them have to prove it once again. Today we will look at what a porcupine is capable of when other animals stick to it.

Those miserable animals, especially snakes! No one can remove a.ng.er from wild beeasts, so they suffer from silence for a long time. Which short video of the leopard and the wild boar did you see? The leopard was, in fact, exti.nct, by eating the wild boar. If this snake still exists, then it feels p.ai.n when it walks, because the needles go all the way into its s.ki.n. If the snake is still present, walking makes it painful since the needle penetrates its skin. Everything is more exciting; the snake catches it and crawls a little before falling off a cliff. This video is what I hope will become more popular! Thanks for liking and sharing.