Where was the 25 year old serpent hiding by giving so many eggs, how was the rescue done. Cobra Egg

Sir, make some blog on snakes found in India along with these videos. This will helpful for people like us who are unable to identify snakes type although we see them regularly in our area.

Cool , I am just wondering after watching him. He is a great snake catcher. I am lucky that I am in city so there is low r.i.s.k of snakes.

Why this snake did not run away when all the bricks has been removed around the snake.. Sanke was free to run away but it did not happen while in my village when sanke find space then they will run away rapidly ??

actually you are playing with your life for saving others life . live a long life dear . may god bless you. and keep it up your work . i really appreciate you . we all need a persons like you. thank you so much for helping others.