Animals Reunited With Owner After Years

Awwh this is SUCH a sweet video – thanks so much for sharing this! Animals are never “just” animals. They have hearts and souls too and are so affectionate!

The cow laid down so it’s adoptive child could climb on her. The dogs h.ear.tfelt c.ries of the joy when seeing it’s adoptive mother is what a mothers love is all about!!!

Anyone who says, “It’s just an animal” will never know what its like to have a true friend! Animals don’t screw you over. If they’re treated right, they give so much love in return!

My mom and dad traveled the US in a motor home after 30 years in the Navy. They accidentally lost their cat Tiffin in a casino parking lot in Las Vegas ,they stayed an extra week hoping to find her,with no luck. Two weeks later they stayed in the same parking spot and Tiffin was there. Folks in the park had seen her pictures and kept an eye out for her. Good people. 1984 those were the days.