Here is 189-year-old senior turtle considered to be the oldest terrestrial animal living on Earth

Meet the 189-year-old beautiful tortoise and see how his images from 1886 and 2022 compare.
Humans are thought to live considerably longer than the bulk of animals, yet there are some creatures who outlive us humans, and tortoises are one of the best examples. And today, meet a nearly two-hundred-year-old senior mammal.
His name is Jonathan, and he is currently the world’s oldest living overland creature. This magnificent creature is now residing on the island of Saint Helena.

People were able to uncover images of this wonderful animal taken more than a century ago, which is a fascinating fact about him. The first photograph of him was taken in 1886, and it’s incredible that the animal’s look hasn’t changed much over the years. Jonathan is now an adult, and his vision and hearing are deteriorating on a daily basis.

The turtle is showing signs of aging, yet it is still energetic and enthusiastic, according to the veterinarians. So a special diet is provided for him in order to keep him healthy and powerful enough. Here’s a photo of him from more than a century ago, which we can compare to a shot taken just a few days ago.