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Snake Turns into a Balloon After Stealing Huge Egg

Fighter | August 27, 2023 7:42 AM | hangbony

Snakes are known to be crafty and sneaky animals. Recently, a particularly sneaky snake in India was caught stealing a huge egg from a local home. After the snake was caught, it did something even more incredible: it turned into a balloon! The incident happened in the city of Guntur, in the state of Andhra […]

Lions and Buffalo Battle for Life!

Fighter | | hangbony

The African savanna is a place of constant struggle, none more so than between the king of the jungle, the lion, and the massive water buffalo. It is a battle for life, and one that has played out for centuries. The lion is a powerful predator, able to take down prey much larger than itself. […]

Lizard Manages to Fend Off Lions and Cobra

Fighter | | hangbony

Lizard Manages to Fend Off Lions and Cobra In an amazing display of courage and tenacity, a lizard was recently spotted managing to fend off a lion and a cobra in the wild. The incident happened in the African Serengeti and was caught on camera by a wildlife photographer. The photographer, who wishes to remain […]

Male Lion Catches and Drags Entire Buffalo

Fighter | | hangbony

A male lion in South Africa has shocked wildlife experts after it was captured on camera catching and dragging an entire buffalo across a river. The incredible footage, captured by a game ranger in the Kruger National Park, shows the lion dragging the large animal through the fast-flowing river. The lion then proceeds to pull […]

Duiker cries for help from cheetah!

Fighter | | hangbony

The Duiker, also known as a Grey Duiker, is a small antelope that is native to Africa. It is a timid and secretive animal that usually hides in thick bush or dense forests. It is easily distinguished by its reddish-brown coat and white stripes on its back. Recently, the Duiker has been in the news […]

3 Leopards Have Epic Battle with Honey Badger

Fighter | | hangbony

A recent wildlife encounter in India has gone viral on social media, after a rare battle between three leopards and a honey badger was captured on camera. The epic showdown was filmed in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan, India on February 14th. The footage shows three adult leopards cornering the honey badger in a […]

Buck Fighting Wild Dogs & Hippos Gets Caught by Crocodile

Fighter | | hangbony

Buck fighting wild dogs and hippos got caught by a crocodile in a rare incident in East Africa. The incident took place in a dense forest in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) of Tanzania. A group of wild dogs were hunting a young male kudu when they were suddenly attacked by a hippo. The hippo […]

2 Crocodiles Chase 3 Cheetahs off Kill

Fighter | | hangbony

In a rare incident in the African wilderness, two crocodiles have chased off three cheetahs from a kill they had made. The cheetahs had made a kill of a gazelle after a prolonged chase, but were unable to enjoy their meal as two large crocodiles came to the scene and chased them away. The incident […]

20 lions vs buffaloes in road

Fighter | | hangbony

The sight of 20 lions facing off against a herd of buffaloes in the middle of the road is one that is sure to leave you breathless. This incredible scene unfolded recently in the African country of Botswana, shocking the world with its sheer power and ferocity. The lions had been stalking the buffaloes for […]

Tigress Tries Stealing Huge Male’s Meal

Fighter | | hangbony

In a recent video released from the Bandhavgarh National Park in India, a tigress was caught on camera trying to steal a huge male’s meal. The video, which was taken by a park ranger, shows the female tigress trying to take the meal away from the male, who was just finishing up eating. The tigress […]

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