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Cruel Rattlesnakes Contests Round Them Up And Kill Them

Fighter | November 11, 2023 2:45 AM | hangbony

Rattlesnakes have long been regarded as dangerous and intimidating creatures. Unfortunately, there are still some areas of the United States that have cruel rattlesnake contests where people round up and kill them. These contests are usually held in rural areas and involve cash prizes for the person who catches the most snakes. Rattlesnake contests are […]

Attack by a Crocodile on a Leopard Intent on Taking Its Food

Fighter | | hangbony

Recently a shocking video of a crocodile attacking a leopard has gone viral, leading to much conversation and debate on social media. The video was shot in the Kruger National Park in South Africa and shows a leopard trying to steal the crocodile’s food. It has been speculated that the leopard was attempting to steal […]

In a Florida backyard, an alligator attacks a snake.

Fighter | | hangbony

A Florida homeowner got quite the surprise when they looked out their window to see a dramatic scene unfolding in their backyard. On the morning of April 26th, a large American alligator and a large Burmese python were seen engaged in a fierce battle in the homeowner’s backyard. The fight, captured on camera by the […]

Mid-Air Battle, Eagle vs. Fox, Rabbit Tug of War

Fighter | | hangbony

A recent mid-air battle between an eagle and a fox over a rabbit has left the animal kingdom in shock. The two predators were caught in a tug of war as they fought for the meal, with the eagle eventually emerging victorious. The battle began when the eagle spotted the rabbit and swooped in for […]

Hawk Attempts to Kill Cuckoo in the Battle of the Birds

Fighter | | hangbony

The battle between birds is a common sight in nature. Recently, an incident was reported in which a hawk tried to kill a cuckoo. The incident took place in a wooded area near a small village in India. A group of local villagers were walking through the woods when they noticed a hawk swooping down […]

Owl Attacks Fearless Rabbit

Fighter | | hangbony

The recent news of an owl attacking a brave rabbit is a shock to many animal lovers. The rabbit, who had been living in a nearby wooded area, was attacked by an owl in broad daylight. The attack occurred when the rabbit was on its way to a nearby stream to get some water. The […]

The Deadliest Venomous Snakes Spar in the Black Mamba Battle

Fighter | | hangbony

When it comes to venomous snakes, the black mamba reigns supreme as the deadliest of them all. Native to Africa, the black mamba is a fast and agile serpent that has deadly neurotoxic venom, capable of killing a human within 20 minutes after a bite. But even among venomous snakes, there are battles to be […]

Elephant Defies Epic Attack Against 14 Lions

Fighter | | hangbony

When animals have to compete for food and territory, it can result in some epic battles. Recently, a group of 14 lions went up against a single elephant in an incredible fight for survival in Kruger National Park in South Africa. The battle began when the elephant was trying to find food in the tall […]

Crocodile Attacks Elephant

Fighter | | hangbony

Crocodiles are powerful predators, and when faced with a massive animal like an elephant, they can be incredibly dangerous. The latest crocodile attack on an elephant in India is a stark reminder of just how powerful the reptile can be. On July 28th, a massive crocodile attacked an elephant in the western Indian state of […]

The Biggest Crocodiles Ever

Fighter | | hangbony

Crocodiles are one of the most powerful and dangerous creatures on earth. They have been around for millions of years and have captured the imagination of many. While most crocodiles are relatively small, some specimens have grown to be truly massive. Here are some of the biggest crocodiles ever caught. The first on the list […]

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