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Animals | November 15, 2021 2:10 PM | hangbony

Congratulations, brother, and best wishes for the continued growth and success of your channel. Amazing… but also extremely sad to learn how these hunters and explorers abuse our animals and plants. We are everything, even ourselves, Unfortunately, we are typical. Then, on average, thousands dispersed every 100 years to mitigate the harm. These hungry folks […]


Animals | | hangbony

These tiny boats on which people ride appear to be risky and daring, If I’m on a lower chance cruise, it lowers in the second period. This crocodile is the only one that survived his grandfather’s, According to legend, Grandpa Nianga tore a crocodile leg with a pocket and yet allowed 100 people to eat […]

Hungry python crawls into house.

Animals | | hangbony

A hungry python slithered into a home in northern metropolitan Bangkok and swallowed a pet cat whole Sept. 6. Fortunately, even though I reside in Australia, there aren’t many snakes in my house, which is a relief. I find it amusing that everyone is slamming the other individuals for laughing at the owner’s expense, You […]

This Is Why a Goat Risks Its Life.

Animals | | hangbony

Assume the goats approached the humans in a pleasant manner and the people did not see the approach as an, A fascinating symbiotic relationship might develop. We get to pet them as they get our sweat, It’s a win-win situation for everyone, Imagine them sucking human perspiration, and the saliva they leave behind has anti-aging […]

Jaguar vs Caiman Crocodile.

Animals | | hangbony

The Jaguar and Caiman Crocodile are two formidable predators that inhabit the same ecosystems in South America. The Jaguar is a large feline with powerful jaws and sharp claws, while the Caiman Crocodile is a reptile with a tough hide and a powerful bite. These two predators often compete for the same prey, such as […]

Puma takes on Guanaco 3 Times Her Weight.

Animals | | hangbony

Her child’s expression of affection for her is devastating, They adore their mother, and for good reason: she can take them so far. It appears that the beast has a technology that allows it to lower its neck to science, And it’s really successful at that. The cats explore there, chase them from behind, have […]

How Snakes Survive Off Little Food.

Animals | | hangbony

That time lapse sequence of the motionless snake is one of the most stunning I’ve seen in a long time, Bravo! Sir David Attenborough’s voice helps me pay close attention to him every time, As a child, I spent many Saturday nights watching and being captivated by his BBC documentaries. In a year, the snake […]

Praying Mantis and eats Lizard.

Animals | | hangbony

I’m curious how strong and sharp those jaws on the mantis are if the lizard starts bleeding from a single bite, and I’m pleased they’re the size they are. Mantices are predators who aren’t afraid of anything, They eat birds, reptiles, mice, and other animals that are larger than they are, It’s a good thing […]

Incredible Raptors | Hawk vs Duck, Eagle vs Snake, Falcon vs Pigeon, Bats & other Animals.

Birds | | hangbony

I’ve also seen hawks attack chickens, and the cockerel has come over to save his hens by sinking his spurs into the hawks and then closing another Goshawk in its tracks. They are one of the most agile birds, easily flying through dense cover, Thanks for watching my video; it’s really interesting; I support you. […]

Bird vs Fish.

Birds | | hangbony

Instead of just’splashing’ Deus Ex Machina, this is what everyone wished their Magikarp would accomplish, When they’re having trouble using splash, Magikarp can use ‘Tackle’ as well, but that would be far too powerful. I’m a YouTuber who loves production and cinematography… but I’ve never been able to figure out how the BBC docs are […]

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