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Cobra King, Reproduction, Habitat and Breeding

Fighter | November 12, 2023 9:09 AM | hangbony

Cobra King is a species of snake native to South Asia and parts of South East Asia. It is also known as King Cobra, the world’s largest venomous snake, and the longest of all venomous snakes. The Cobra King is an impressive creature, growing up to 18 feet in length and possessing an intimidating hood. […]

Tragic! Shocking When Seeing 30 Moments Python, Animals Be Electrocuted Lead To Seizure

Fighter | | hangbony

It is shocking to learn that thirty moments of electric shock to animals can lead to a seizure. This is particularly concerning when it comes to the use of Python, a type of constricting snake that is often used in the entertainment industry. Python is a popular animal in the industry and is used for […]

The snake is so confused. They usually swallow prey head first, but this snake is seeing the head, foot, and tail all at once.

Fighter | | hangbony

You may think of snakes as predators that patiently wait and strike their unsuspecting prey, but this snake is so confused. Instead of swallowing its prey head first like snakes usually do, this snake is seeing the head, foot, and tail all at once! Snakes are generally very precise in their hunting methods. They will […]

bibtya leopard vrs lion and wolf fight ing UAE jungle angry animal

Fighter | | hangbony

The UAE is home to a variety of wild animals, including the bibtya leopard, lion, and wolf. Recently, there have been reports of these animals engaging in a vicious fight in the UAE jungle. This has caused much alarm among conservationists, who are concerned about the safety of the animals and the people living in […]

Snake Catchers Are Saying Lock Up Your Pets, Here’s Why

Fighter | | hangbony

As pet owners, it is important to keep our furry friends safe from potential harm. Unfortunately, one of the most common threats to our pets is snakes. As such, snake catchers are warning pet owners to take extra caution and lock up their pets when letting them outside. Snakes are a frequent sight in many […]

Giant python eats whole cow alive in India

Fighter | | hangbony

A giant python shocked locals in India when it devoured a cow alive. The incident happened at a farm in the village of Ramnagar in the Indian state of Karnataka. According to reports, the farmers heard strange cries coming from their cowshed and when they went to investigate, they found the python with its jaws […]

OMG! Baboons Kidnap a Leopard Cub, Mother Leopard Rushes To Attack Takes Revenge on The Baboons

Fighter | November 11, 2023 3:03 AM | hangbony

Recent reports have emerged of a leopard cub being kidnapped by baboons in the jungle of South Africa. The incident occurred when the mother leopard was away hunting, leaving her cubs alone in the tree. The baboons, however, were quick to spot the cubs and one of them took the chance to grab one of […]

He decided to save the cows from the ANCONADO attack and the worst that ever happened!

Fighter | | hangbony

When Robert Smith heard about the ANCONADO attack on the local cattle ranch, he knew he had to do something. He had grown up with cows, and knew how important they were to the community. He had seen firsthand the devastating effects of previous ANCONADO attacks, and wanted to make sure it never happened again. […]

The young tiger TEACHED the good young lion to ATTACK

Fighter | | hangbony

The young tiger and the young lion are two of the most ferocious predators of the animal kingdom. They are both powerful and dangerous animals, and they have been known to fight each other in the wild. Recently, however, a remarkable story has emerged from India. It involves a young tiger and a young lion, […]

Cruel Rattlesnakes Contests Round Them Up And Kill Them

Fighter | | hangbony

Rattlesnakes have long been regarded as dangerous and intimidating creatures. Unfortunately, there are still some areas of the United States that have cruel rattlesnake contests where people round up and kill them. These contests are usually held in rural areas and involve cash prizes for the person who catches the most snakes. Rattlesnake contests are […]

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