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Cat | May 26, 2022 2:47 PM | hangbony

>> Florida house cat adopts 3 orphan baby Lynx bobcats from Alabama

When compared to domestic kittens, you can see how wild and furious these adorable bobcat babies are. Great film, and I love the idea of using a surrogate kitty mama to save them.

I’m delighted you guys arranged this and are returning the animals to the wild rather than giving them to the du.mb hunter’s children. That’s a fantastic Florida accent you’ve got going on. The Queen’s life is in da.n.ger! All of these cats are wonderful. I hope everything worked out in the end for them.

Those parental instincts in mommy housecats are strong! They’ll take practically any animal as a child, including predatory species. Ow, that’s so precious; I just fell in love with the man who speaks at the start, and the bobcats and kittens couldn’t be more adorable. How remarkable is it that a moggy cat cleans and feeds these cats as if they were her own? Her LOVE knows no bounds.

I adopted four baby rabbits since I saw that the mother was d.ea.d from a st.or.m. One was a white rabbit that was blind and lives with me. the other three come and visit once in a while to eat the cl.ov.ers.

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