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When a family adopts a kitten, the family’s bunny decides to become the kitten his best friend.

Cat | August 4, 2022 2:57 AM | hangbony

A family took a kitten into their home, and their bunny decided to make her his best friend. A grey kitten named Ahsoka crossed paths with an unlikely friend, Echo the bunny, and they have been a bonded pair ever since. Ahsoka and her sibling were adopted into their new home by Ryanne and Jake […]

A 35-pound cat from a shelter finds the ideal new family.

Cat | August 3, 2022 2:40 AM | hangbony

This big cat is called a cat. His name is Symba and he is six years old. The 35-kilogram giant kitten had a hard time finding a home that wanted him. The original owner had to get rid of it as they couldn’t keep it. Because of the weight, he couldn’t walk properly. A few […]

Camera Reveals What Guy’s Dog And Cat Are Up To While He’s Away

Cat, Dog | July 25, 2022 12:44 PM | hangbony

Meet Otis the dog and his little brother, Blue the cat. Here they are now, snuggling together peacefully on the couch — the perfect picture of interspecies harmony. But don’t be fooled by this moment of sweet repose. Otis and Blue’s relationship is actually a bit more complicated. Recently, the pets’ owner, Kristopher Alphonse, decided […]

This Syrian Man Refuses To Leave His City of Aleppo To Care For Hundreds Of Abandoned Cats

Cat | July 23, 2022 10:27 AM | hangbony

Aleppo, the largest city in Syria which has actually been dev.ast.ated by battle, vio.le.nce, and also dev.ast.ation considering that 2012 as opposite pressures have actually attempted to gain control of the city. Numerous citizens took off the city to have a better life and also because rush, they had no choice however to leave their […]

At The Vet A Kitten Sneaks Out Of Its Crate To Comfort A Scared Dog

Cat, Dog | | hangbony

After a heavy downpour, Ginger Biscuit was discovered drenched and in need of assistance in a storm drain. His savior transported him to Greenside Animal Hospital, where he was placed in the isolation ward, where he could mend and recuperate in quiet, because they didn’t know anything about his condition. When Ginger initially arrived at […]

When a beloved street cat d.i.ed, locals memorialized her by putting a statue of her in her favorite spot.

Cat | | hangbony

Cats can become a special part of our lives, even when they don’t belong to us. Many communities are filled with stray cats, who have no owners but manage to survive thanks to the kindness of strangers who make it a habit of caring for them, providing food and shelter. Istanbul in particular is notable, […]

Looking For Food, A Pregnant Stray Cat Scales The Family’s Screen Door

Cat | | hangbony

Finn noticed something moving in her yard one day. It was a small kitten who had somehow found its way in and enjoyed the way it looked. Finn and her fiancé live in the country, so they have no idea where the cat came from. Looking for food, a pregnant stray cat scales the family’s […]

Cat Lay Motionless For An Entire Day Crying For Help With Distressed Meows

Cat | July 22, 2022 3:03 AM | hangbony

Hope For Paws received an emergency text about an injured cat, and JoAnn set out for rescue right away. Cat Lay Motionless For An Entire Day Crying For Help With Distressed Meows Upon arrival, she learned that the poor feline hadn’t moved an inch since the girl found him yesterday, and he was crying out […]

Fisherman Stumbles Upon Fox And Cat Together Out In The Wild

Cat | | hangbony

A fisherman got on the coasts of Lake Van in Turkey when he spotted an unlikely pair. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw a fox and a kitty talking to each other as friends! Fisherman Stumbles Upon Fox And Cat Together Out In The Wild These 2 had something in common from the […]

Cat Drags Friend’s Lifeless Body To Nearby Shelter To Attempt To Get Help

Cat | | hangbony

The cat was tired but maintained continuing to seek assistance. A cat in north China was seen dragging the lifeless b.o.dy of a friend refusing to leave him behind and thinking that he was actually gone. We constantly understood canines were loyal creatures willing to do anything to assist someone in need, but cats are […]

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