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Dean Schneider

Predators of Kenya – Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | November 5, 2022 2:43 PM | hangbony

You would think that someone like Me who is part of a Lion Pride and lives alongside with Predators Day in Day out can’t be impressed anymore by viewing some Wild animals out of a Safari Vehicle. But let me tell you one thing: Experiencing and Observing these animals out there in the complete Wild […]

Dean Schneider in Kenya Part I

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

This Trip was one of the most beautiful, educational & intense experiences I‘ve ever made in my life. And the best part of it: Thanks to my unbelievable Team who worked incredibly hard to capture every possible Moment I get to share it all with You Guys. Kenya is one of a Kind! From the […]

A Special Thank You – Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

This Video🎥 is for all the People across the Globe🌍 who followed my Journey and supported Me & my Mission over the past 3 Years! Especially all the Donators💰 which donated or still are donating on a monthly basis to the Dean Schneider Foundation.🙏 (www.deanschneider.com) 3 Years and 4 Month ago I arrived here in […]

Welcome to my World! -Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

Sharing a Video🎥 & raising YOUR Voice🗣 for something You love & appreciate costs NOTHING but can mean EVERYTHING🙏🏼 This short Video🎥 is an introduction to the World🌍 of not only Myself but the whole Hakuna Mipaka Movement. Every Single one of You Supporters who is part of the Hakuna Mipaka Family and believes in […]

The fascinating Wilderness -Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

It is mindblowing🤯 how much we can learn from the Wild and even crazier to think that once we’ve been part of that Natural World until one Day we decided to walk away from it and create our very own human world!😓 Nevertheless we can’t change the fact that the Planet🌍 we live on has […]

Lion Behavior- Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

We know that they are BIG🙌🏼, STRONG💪🏼, DANGEROUS😱, BEAUTIFUL😍, MAJESTIC👑 & at the TOP of the FoodChain⛓ but there is sooo MUCH MORE to learn about Lions!🦁 Once we get an insight👀 into their actual social behavior, their bodylanguage & their mentality it opens a whole new World🌍 and increases our level of Understanding🙏🏼 for […]

A day in Deans life – Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

So this time we decided to just record everything what happens on a random day of mine.😅🤷‍♂️ Some Days are busier and others are more relaxed but I always try to be as productive as possible. I hope You enjoy that little insight into my Day to Day life and see You soon on the […]

Kruger Nationalpark with Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

The more time I spend in the Wilderness the more I realize how IMPORTANT it is to protect, preserve and in some cases even rebuild natural habitats which are essential for the survival of all Life on our Planet🌍 The perfection of the natural system on which Nature is built on aka “Circle of Life” […]

Hakuna Mipaka – December Update

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

In todays episode I give you an update on all the animals, exciting projects and everything that has happened on the Hakuna Mipaka Oasis in the last few months! I cant wait to show you how much the lions have grown as well as updates on all the other animals on the Oasis! Please do […]

Reunion Kiara & Khaleesi- Dean Schneider

Dean Schneider | | hangbony

This was One Huge Success! I am so happy that the recovery phase as well as the actual Reunion went so well. I‘m not gonna lie: preparing and feeding the medication to the ladies twice a Day for almost a week was quite a pain in the a** haha. But it was worth the effort, […]

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