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Dean Schneider | September 16, 2023 4:02 AM | hangbony

Vegan Lion🦁🤘🏼

We need to learn to love these Animals exactly the way they are and not the way We wish them to be!🙏🏼 Lions🦁 are born as carnivores and their position in the foodchain⛓ is clear! Now people call themselves “Animal Lovers”🐾❤️ but can‘t handle it when a pride of Lions🦁 eats another animal!🤔 There is nothing more natural in Nature than death, but we Humans are tought that death is something bad🙅🏼‍♂️, something sad😢 and something to look away!🙈 Why? Cause we Humans kill for a lot more reason than animals who only kill for PROTECTION🛡& FOOD🍗!

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