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>> Victimized Puppy Left On Interstate Gets A Sign To Remind Him He’s Worth It

Dog | May 31, 2022 10:15 AM | hangbony

According to ilovemydogsomuch, a good Samaritan discovered a bundle by the side of the road. This bundle consisted of a rolled-up blanket containing a dog that was on the verge of d.ea.th. The frail puppy, later named Harris, was nothing but skin and bones. He was brought to the Stray Rescue of Saint Louis’ medical […]

>> Rattlesnake Latches Onto Dog & B.i.tes Him 5 Times As Dog Tries To Break Free

Dog | | hangbony

Toad, a German Shorthaired Pointer, was outside near his Kuna, Idaho home when he saw a rattlesnake, according to ilovemydogsomuch.com. He was caught by the rattlesnake, which bit him five times. “As I approached him, I noticed a snake cartwheeling in the air, so I put him between me and the snake, and when I […]

>> Dog brain d.a.m.a.ged by blow to head recovers.

Dog | | hangbony

When we found her, she was almost unconscious lying in bushes after having been brutally hit on the head, we don’t know by who or with what. She was disoriented and totally unable to stand or even lift her head. Watch what happened to Muriel after many weeks of treatment at Animal Aid Unlimited. The […]

>> The little dog was thrown into the landfill by someone in a state of exhaustion

Dog | | hangbony

Even donations can help change the lives of homeless animals, If You Want To Support Us And Help More With RESOURCES we will buy food and provide new homes for these poor animals. Pa.in.ful images to be seen, it h.ur.ts my heart to see how cr.u.el we are still to the little animals, helpless, lonely, […]

>> Broken Dog That Didn’t Matter Hung His Head In Shame, Clings To Woman Tightly

Dog | | hangbony

Ilovemydogsomuch writes about a puppy named Yukon who was walking the streets on his own. He was mistaken for a coyote by some. It would be an understatement to say he was in bad shape. His fur had mostly fallen out due to mange, and he was skin and bones. Knowing he was nearing the […]

>> Girl Takes Her D.y.ing Dog On One Last Car Ride, Dog’s Face Makes Family Tear Up

Dog | | hangbony

Libra became best friends with her cute kitten sister, Maxwell, over time. April grew up, and Libra became a dependable source of support for her as time passed. However, after 15 years of joy at her sister’s side, senior Libra’s health began to fail. Her problems started with a series of violent convulsions, which led […]

>> Stray Stuck In Fence Sheds Tears As Voices Near, But They Can’t Move Her Body

Dog | | hangbony

This sad stray puppy was discovered entangled in a fence by villagers. They tried calling a local rescuer, but no one answered, so they decided to help themselves… They have removed her from the fence and washed her body of all mud. The poor dog was fatigued and dehydrated, and she was most likely stuck […]

>> Paralyzed Dog Rushes To Welcome Her Soldier Dad Who Comes Home From Deployment

Dog | | hangbony

One of the most touching videos I’ve ever seen is the one below. Actually, footage of dogs greeting soldiers as they return home are often moving, but this one stands out. The video below shows Emma, a paraplegic Pit Bull who was born with a congenital abnormality that made it difficult for her to walk. […]

>> Two Stray Puppies Suffer from Tons of Fluids in Their Belly

Dog | | hangbony

These two puppies are from Lopburi’s Jungwat. It’s a litter of stray puppies. They have had a lot of fluid in their stomach. Doctors were taken aback when they saw the condition of these puppies… They were also bitten by ticks. Their red blood cells were at an abnormally low level. They have E. canis […]

>> Little Puppy Cries on His Lifeless Mother who got hit by a Car

Dog | | hangbony

It’s devastating film, as a passerby witnessed this unfortunate mother dog being hit by a car and dying on a busy highway. Her puppy was terrified and cried out over his lifeless mother… The rescuer arrived after receiving a call from a bystander who had seen them. They fed the poor dog some food, but […]

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