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Elephants in India enjoy a fruit feast ahead of World Elephant day

Elephant | April 4, 2022 10:10 AM | hangbony

Reuters, MATHURA, India, August 10 — Elephants rescued from circuses and temples in India are presented to a feast of their favorite fruits and veggies to commemorate World Elephant Day after an evening walk under gloomy sky with rain not far away. At a sanctuary near the banks of the Yamuna River on the outskirts […]

Watch two former circus elephants reunite after more than 20-years apart

Elephant | April 3, 2022 7:45 AM | hangbony

After more than two decades apart, two elephants reconnect in one of the most moving moments the animal kingdom has ever seen. Though we, as humans, perceive animals to be so dissimilar, scenes like this demonstrate how many similarities we actually share and how similar we are. Shirley and Jenny haven’t seen one other in […]

Elephant Charges Safari Truck

Elephant | March 27, 2022 1:17 PM | hangbony

In h.orri.fying footage shot in South Africa’s Selati Game Reserve, a giant elephant stormed and attacked a safari vehicle, sending tour guides fleeing for their life. As the angry elephant set its sights on the safari vehicle, a group of trainees in the safari van were seen escaping for their life. The t.erri.fying episode occurred […]

Mother elephant c.har.ges and ki.cks at wild dogs after trying to am.bush her calves

Elephant | March 24, 2022 2:59 AM | hangbony

A wildlife photographer filmed the heart-pounding moment when a brave elephant faced down a pack of 13 wild dogs to protect her herd. Mithun Hunugund, from Bengaluru, southern India, was on safari in Nagarhole National Park when he witnessed two baby elephants being a.mbus.hed by a group of Asiatic wild dogs. He captured footage of […]

Elephants Protect Babies From Wild Dogs

Elephant | | hangbony

Watch the incredible way these elephants protect their babies from Wild Dogs! It’s just amazing! Everything about elephants is just impressive. The strategy of their defence, the conjoined thought process of all adult elephants in this scenario, the pure size of them, the i.nti.mid.ation they give and even just their pure looks. It’s amazing how […]

Elephant Shows Rhino Who’s Boss!

Elephant | March 4, 2022 2:39 AM | hangbony

Funny how the elephant didn’t use his superior size, but rather a tool, to frighten the rhino. Such intelligent creatures. The elephant has made a really wise decision, and here’s why: Rihnos has weak vision but excellent hearing. Throwing the stick in a different direction makes the rihno believe there are more predators/enemies, which throws […]

One Lioness Tries to Hunt Elephant

Elephant | March 3, 2022 3:02 AM | hangbony

Watch the incredibly rare moment as a lioness, hoping to feed her cubs, single-handedly tries to take down an elephant! We went into the jungle and discovered a lioness on top of a young elephant, attempting to subdue her. The lioness dug into the elephant’s thick skin, holding on while the elephant fought the lioness’s […]

Mother Elephant Protects Calf From Tourists

Elephant | | hangbony

Incredible video showing how a mother elephant stops her calf from going any closer to spectating tourists. Almost as if she is saying “Don’t talk to strangers”. I noticed how the baby backs off at the gentle touch and when following her goes to the other side away from humans. What wonderful intelligent animals! The […]

Cute baby elephant loves his nap time so much that his keepers can’t wake him up.

Elephant | January 20, 2022 12:06 AM | hangbony

The defiant little critter was seen napping happily on his side in the center of Prague Zoo in a beautiful video. When the caretakers gave him a gentle nudge, the youngster chased after her mother, ignoring her irate mother, who trampled him with her trunk. The zoo workers gave him a little push when he […]

baby elephant was lucky to escape from the crocodile after it grabbed the elephant’s trunk

Elephant | | hangbony

It appears to be a superb depiction of the elephant’s trunk origin narrative. S.adly, this was not a scene from Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories, but a bitter reality for this youngster. The baby elephant went to the side of a waterhole to drink under the watch of his family. The newborn elephant digs his […]

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