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Rescᴜe by the herᴏic herd! When liᴏns attempt tᴏ kill an elephant calf, its elders intervene tᴏ save it

Elephant | January 31, 2023 12:38 PM | hangbony

This poor elephant calf, around 2-3 years old, must have been abandoned by it’s herd for its leg injury. It’s survival depends on it’s mother’s decision to stay with it and protect it when being left behind by the herd. Obviously, the outcome of the calf has told every thing. I’m not mad at the […]

The Elephant Madly Kills The Lions To Avenge The Death Of The Baby Elephant

Elephant | January 29, 2023 12:48 PM | hangbony

The lion raised its head after sniffing out the dead cub, making the full lion appear to be smiling. Also, these king elephants are kings of the jungle, and their peaceful nature makes them want to be left alone by these cowardly lions. Elephants eat plants and leaves; their skin is papery thin. So why […]

Mother Elephant Risked Her Life To Attack Ferocious Crocodile To Save Newborn Baby Elephant

Elephant | | hangbony

Either she has elephant babies in the area and she’s stomping the hell out of the croc to prevent it from harming any of their young ones, or… she already lost a baby in this spot to crocs and now she’s exacting revenge. Elephants have remarkable memory and Crocodiles are one of the very few […]

аЬᴜѕed Disabled Elephant Walked Freely For Her First Time After Getting A Prosthetic Leg

Elephant | January 28, 2023 5:55 AM | hangbony

Medo has a back injury caused by a forced breeding injury in her past. When people see her, they feel her suffering and a deep sadness for her condition. In fact, Medo has long adjusted to her past. She lives without many problems. Today is a special day for Medo and ourselves. Medo has been […]

Heгo Vets Save Mother Elephant’s Life By Jumping On Her сһeѕt To Restart Her Heartbeat

Elephant | January 27, 2023 10:45 AM | hangbony

Vets are some of the most underrated professionals. They, too are doctors but generally, people tend to look down upon them because they think they “just treat animals” while ignoring the fact that they have to undergo rigorous years of study and practice before starting to assess, diagnose and treat creatures that cannot speak or […]

Evolution Laughed at Elephants, But They Laughed Last

Elephant | | hangbony

ok… eating poo is one thing but that elephant was snacking straight out of his buddy’s butt! Like “Hey, what’s in the lunch box today, Phil?” LMAO 😂 Actually this isn’t surprising–us humans do it too. We don’t do it like that of course, it literally goes in a pill or a tube down to […]

Mother elephants try to bring dуіпɡ calf back to life

Elephant | | hangbony

Utterly gutwrenching. They feel every emotion just as deeply as us or more. What a terrible, needless crime against that whole family. I’m so sorry for their terrible loss – nothing will replace that very loved baby. let this poor little elephant be a reminder to all of us, when we are in an area […]

Elephant Calf Clambers Out Of 25ft-Deep Well After Res.Cuers Pump In Water To Float It To The Top

Elephant | January 26, 2023 10:58 AM | hangbony

I have never seen a rescue that has touched my heart like this one. I don’t know how the elephant fell that far without hurting himself. He was “stuck” in there so tight, he couldn’t move his head around. This is an amazing rescue! God’s blessing on those amazing people, too. This makes my heart […]

The fiercest elephant in the forest comes on the road and attacks a bus….

Elephant | October 29, 2022 10:56 AM | hangbony

The bus should have stopped the moment he saw the elephant, and let it pass. It endangered the safety of passengers unnecessarily. I know this place. The elephants have gotten used to being fed by travellers. This is why they stay on the roads and wait for vehicles. There are about four of them that stay […]

Cute baby elephant caught play-fight when their parents look on

Elephant | | hangbony

This is the adorable moment when two baby elephants were caught roughhousing by their parents. The cute pair roll around, pinning and tripping one another as they wrestle. At one point, a responsible older elephant tries to break up the scuffle, but it’s to no avail, and she soon gives in. The video was captured […]

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