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Experience the Aquatic Symphony with Pyi Mai on EleFlix.

Elephant | May 25, 2023 3:32 PM | hangbony

Article: In the vast realm of entertainment, Pyi Mai’s captivating performance in the watery realm stands as a testament to artistic brilliance. With EleFlix, an immersive platform revolutionizing the way we consume content, viewers are offered a mesmerizing experience akin to a symphony performed by water itself. Dive into this article as we explore Pyi […]

Cut the ivory 10 year ago never cut it. The ceremony cutting the ivory. Ivory is floor length.

Elephant | | hangbony

In a poignant ceremony that pays tribute to history and marks a significant milestone, the cutting of ivory becomes a powerful event. With a decade having passed since the ivory was acquired, this moment holds great importance as it represents a conscious decision to transform an artifact into a new form. This article delves into […]

The Miraculous Journey of Elephant Birth, Welcoming the Arrival of a Precious Calf

Elephant | | hangbony

In a captivating event that fills hearts with wonder, the miracle of elephant birth unfolds as these majestic creatures bring forth new life into the world.   The arrival of an adorable elephant calf is a sight that evokes awe and excitement among both wildlife enthusiasts and casual observers alike. This article explores the incredible […]

Injured baby elephant rescued by wildlife officers

Elephant | | hangbony

In a remarkable act of compassion and bravery, wildlife officers recently rescued an injured baby elephant. The heartwarming rescue took place in a remote location, where the young elephant was discovered in distress. Upon receiving the report, a team of dedicated wildlife officers swiftly responded to the scene. Their expertise and experience in handling such […]

Wild elephant chasing vehicles at the Katharagama

Elephant | | hangbony

In the town of Katharagama in Sri Lanka, there have been several incidents of wild elephants chasing vehicles. These incidents have raised concerns about the safety of people who live and work in the area. Katharagama is a popular destination for both locals and tourists due to its religious significance and cultural heritage. The town […]

An Elephant Entrapped in well with mud

Elephant | | hangbony

In a recent incident in India, a wild elephant fell into a well and became trapped in the muddy water. The well was located in a village near a forest, and it is believed that the elephant had wandered too close and accidentally fell in.   The incident quickly drew a crowd of concerned villagers, […]

Translocating of a Wild jumbo Elephant, Amazing elephant transport mission

Elephant | | hangbony

The issue of human-wildlife conflict has been a growing concern in many parts of the world. In an effort to mitigate such conflicts and conserve wildlife, authorities often resort to translocating wild animals. Recently, an amazing elephant transport mission was undertaken in India to move a wild jumbo elephant from one place to another.   […]

Expert Aid From Generous Germany To Save A Wild Elephant

Elephant | | hangbony

In a heartwarming display of international cooperation and compassion, Germany has recently provided expert aid to help save a wild elephant in Sri Lanka.   The elephant, a female named “Piumi” by locals, had been suffering from a painful and debilitating injury to her trunk. The injury made it difficult for her to eat and […]

Huge Elephant’s Plight Captivates Online Community

Elephant | | hangbony

The majestic and awe-inspiring elephants are some of the most fascinating animals on the planet. These gentle giants are known for their intelligence, strength, and grace. However, these magnificent creatures are not immune to injuries, and when they do get hurt, it can be a challenging situation.   Recently, a video went viral on social […]

Herd Of Elephants Rescues A Calf – So Beautiful

Elephant | | hangbony

A heartwarming video captured by Latest Sightings shows a herd of elephants coming together to rescue a stranded calf. The video, which has since gone viral, highlights the strong familial bonds that exist among elephants and their remarkable intelligence. In the video, the calf can be seen stuck in a muddy waterhole, unable to get […]

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