Injured Elephant suffered from maggot infested wound sympathetically treated

We’re here today with distressing information about an elephant that is desperately injured and is pleading for life next to a major road. According to reports, this unfortunate elephant, who was in a dire predicament, spent a few days beside a key road as if she were looking for human help to save her life. A local citizen alerted the wildlife conservation center about the elephant’s plight. A team made up of a veterinarian and helpers went to the scene as soon as they heard the news in order to save the elephant.

When the wildlife authorities arrived, they observed the elephant limping very laboriously. They quickly began the procedures after giving the elephant a tranquilizer. The elephant seems to be in discomfort, feeble and frail. She suffered a critical gunshot wound. It’s unclear whether she was wounded by a trap gun or shot by a poacher. Her right hind leg bore a significant puncture wound. There are also numerous injuries in various bodily sections. As a result of secondary infection in the wounded areas, the condition has gotten worse. The deep wound has become severely infected. The pus buildup has caused swelling in her right hind leg.