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Incredible moment one of Australia’s largest snakes dislocates its jaw and devours a wallaby

Animals | March 31, 2022 9:49 AM | hangbony

The huge scrub python dislocates its jaw as it extends around the lower section of the wallaby in this photo. People were eager to comment on the photo, with some accusing it of being manipulated. The scrub python, Australia’s largest snake, dislocates its jaw while consuming a wallaby in Queensland earlier this month. The python […]

After Losing Their Mother, A Kind Canine Adopts Five Cheetah Babies

Dog | | hangbony

When he became a single father to five orphaned cheetah cubs, this Australian Shepherd proved to the world that impossible is nothing for a dog. The tiny ones’ mother died soon after giving birth, and their chances of survival were slim to none. They all got a second opportunity thanks to Blakely, a really compassionate […]

People Are Adoring This Video Of A Rabbit Munching On A Snowman’s Carrot Nose

Love & Cute | | hangbony

It’s winter, therefore snowmen are everywhere, and it turns out that they please not only children, but also other cute creatures such as deer and rabbits. The only difference is that these cuddly creatures appreciate them for their gorgeous orange nose, not for the amount of snow they’re made of. After all, who can blame […]

After being gone for 16-years at the Texas State Aquarium, Kai Dolphin has returned to the Brookfield Zoo.

Love & Cute | | hangbony

Kai Dolphin, who was born at the Brookfield Zoo and is now 27 years old, has returned after a long absence and will soon be visible to the public as he adjusts to his new dolphin pals and caretakers. Kai was returned thanks to a swap between the Texas State Aquarium and the Brookfield Zoo. […]

Flamingo that escaped Kansas zoo 17 years ago spotted in Texas

Birds | | hangbony

Wildlife officials say one of two flamingos that fled from a Kansas zoo during a storm 17 years ago has been found on the Texas coast. The African flamingo, known as No. 492 because of the number on its leg band, was seen on video shot March 10 by an environmental activist near Port Lavaca, […]

Baby sandhill crane hatches in Florida

Love & Cute | | hangbony

A wonderful moment when a newborn sandhill crane hatched from its egg and joined its family was photographed by a Florida wildlife photographer. The clip was shot on February 20 in Melbourne by Ursula Dubrick. The newborn crane waving its little wing out of the egg may be seen in her 6-minute film “Miracle of […]

Flea-Infested Orphan Baby Fox Became Completely Attached To Human After Rescue

Dog | | hangbony

When a small motherless infant fox found himself imprisoned in a narrow ditch, he was at the end of his rope. The ditch was most likely dug by hunters to catch passing small and innocent pets. This poor fox youngster was completely jammed between the piled-up branches on the ground, and he was moving his […]

Frozen Wolf With No Heartbeat Gets CPR From Fearless Couple

Dog | | hangbony

When a wolf was discovered unable to move in an ice river in Italy, he was on the verge of d.eath. A video shared to YouTube shows a bunch of friendly individuals wading out into the freezing seas to help the ailing wolf to shore. As the wolf’s limp body is carried up the slope […]

Baby Monkey In Diaper Rides On Back Of Its Tiger Cub Friend

Love & Cute | March 30, 2022 4:05 PM | hangbony

Baby animals, like children, like establishing friends. They can make a good acquaintance with whom they will simply fulfill for the first time. They don’t see any differences in their good pals, therefore they keep going back to each other. The friendship grows stronger with each passing day. They like spending quality time with each […]

Mother Orangutan’s Reunited With Her K.idnapped Daughter.

Love & Cute | | hangbony

We can learn so much from animals….their ability to love implicitly without words, without “preparing”, they just know how to love and care for their young. I dream of being a loving mother like this someday. I agree with Clara’s keeper. I sensed absolutely NO a.ggres.sion or hostility in Clara as the saw her daughter. […]

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