Frozen Wolf With No Heartbeat Gets CPR From Fearless Couple

When a wolf was discovered unable to move in an ice river in Italy, he was on the verge of d.eath.

A video shared to YouTube shows a bunch of friendly individuals wading out into the freezing seas to help the ailing wolf to shore. As the wolf’s limp body is carried up the slope by rescuers, it appears that all hope for his survival has vanished.

They can’t find a heartbeat and Wolf isn’t breathing. The wolf is surrounded by people who are attempting to revive him. A guy stands over Navarre, his hands on the wolf’s heart, attempting to resuscitate it.

A woman approaches the wolf, leaning in close to check for signs of breathing. She even attempts to resuscitate the wolf’s mouth. Watching the clip, it appears that the attempt is futile — until a miracle occurs: Wolf begins to breathe again.

As they transported Navarre to a treatment clinic, rescuers began warming him by placing him under a blanket and cleaning his fur with a hair drier.

The cold had paralyzed Wolf’s back legs. He’d have to relearn how to walk in addition to the other steps he’d have to take in his recovery.

His recuperation was hit-or-miss, and he required a battery of testing and therapies. Wolf, on the other hand, gradually grew stronger in the Monte Adone Wildlife Center.

He even regained his ability to walk. Wolf is seen wandering on his own and enjoying the snow at the end of the film, as he attempts to regain enough strength to return to the wild.