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Cat | May 27, 2022 4:27 AM | hangbony

>> Ocean Blue eyes Bengal Mom just Giving Birth for the first time

Mum is a rosetted Bengal with brown spots. Zawadi Aphrodite is her name. Connie Henderson of the Swindon-based Zawadi Bengals was gracious enough to let me keep my pet.

She specializes in Bengals with white tummies. What a sweetheart of a cat!! Where did you got her and what sort of Bengal is she? Both the baby kitten and the mother cat are amazing, sweet, attractive, and content.

In your video, the first word is spelled improperly. APPEARANCE is the word. In addition, I would never ask “how much” something lives. Use the phrase “how long.” Just a few pointers. Thank you for the information about these lovely animals.

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