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Cat | May 27, 2022 7:51 AM | hangbony

>> This Maine Coon Giant House Cat Looks Just Like A Lynx

Once upon a time, I had a ridiculously large Maine Coon. He was around when I was born; I’m not sure how old he was, but he stood two feet tall at the top of his skull.

The dog was unconcerned about anything; we took him on walks without a leash, bathed him, and so on, and he was unconcerned about anything. He was a wonderful cat, very friendly and fluffy.

My current cat, three years later, is also part Maine Coon (and polydactle calico), and she is extremely energetic and fluffy. I adore her and miss my first. I was too young to comprehend his size, but as a result of my early experiences with him, I now consider every cat to be smaller than average.

I’m reminded of Savannahs by their size and muscularity. Savannahs, like any wild hybrids, have a wild disposition that can be difficult to cope with for inexperienced pet owners, especially the lower generations.

If you bond with them when they’re young, they can be incredibly affectionate. However, if you are a new owner, Maine Coons or ‘Weegies are definitely preferable (and cheaper) breeds to consider if you want a huge, friendly cat.

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