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Cat | June 10, 2022 1:40 PM | hangbony

Little Girl Speaks Lovely Words of Comfort to Her Sick Cat

This short clip is simply wonderful! This little girl and her cat appear to be inseparable.

The cat had been sick earlier in the day and had reportedly thrown up. The small child was so worried about her furry pet that she didn’t say anything else the entire day. Later that evening, she curled up next to him and cradled him while speaking soothing words.

This little girl and her cat are inextricably linked. The cat had been unwell and had thrown up earlier in the day.

The small girl then spent the rest of the day expressing her concern about her kitty. She curled up next to him later that evening and hugged him while she comforted him.

What a lovely little cat lady you’ll be in the future! Enjoy!

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