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Cat | June 10, 2022 3:00 PM | hangbony

Worst Case of Matting I’ve Ever Seen!

Whisker cut was an ac.ci.dent guys. You shouldn’t trim the whiskers on a cat. He moved unexpectedly.

Pet owners do not realise how much joy their strange choices of pet names bring to people like me! I mean, an angry looking persian fur ball named Mayonnaise? Perfect ❤️

As someone who works at a vet, its true that cats have a time limit. When the tail starts swishing and the cats clearly getting more annoyed we begin to say that we are “running out of kitty timer.”

My parents inherited a Persian from my sister (her husband is asthmatic around cats), and Coco was very lazy. My father started brushing her. First day, she only tolerated about 3 strokes. The next day 4. Eventually she got to the point where she not only loved being brushed, she got salty if you didn’t give her her morning beauty treatment by 8am every day.

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