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Cat | June 12, 2022 2:17 AM | hangbony

Tiny Stray Kitten with Broken Paw Hobbles Up to Man, Meows for Help!

A broken-pawed stray kitten hobbled up to a man, meowing for assistance.

When Robin Seplut was out feeding the neighborhood stray cats, he came upon a little kitten with a limp approaching him. As he approached, the kitty screamed out desperately. Robin realized he had to lend a hand.

“I came across a kitten who had a fractured paw. Robin stated, “This homeless kitty lived on the street.”

As a result, he grabbed up the little kitten and took him to the clinic.

An x-ray was taken of the kitten, which revealed a patella fracture.

The little one was given an injection to aid with swelling, and the man was instructed to return to the vet on Tuesday.

Robin decided to give the small kitty a bath to get rid of all the fleas, then feed her a good breakfast.

The kitten was overjoyed to have a safe haven, a warm bed to sleep in, and some tasty treats to eat that night!

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