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Cat | June 20, 2022 12:50 AM | hangbony

Mother cat want to say hello to Tiger

This is only a small part of the tigers area ,the fence is there to keep the rest of about 40 rescued animals out of the tigers area.

I was given these two kittens and the mother was later found and spayed and reunited with her kittens. She was very wild and adapted very quickly and they are very happy , They live in my house but the Mother are looking out for the kittens since they live with the tigers on the same property.

The mother is telling them: he was like you but when he ate healthy food and listend to me he became powerfull.

To all the folks who are mad about tiger being locked in a cage, the part you see is just a little side cage of the enclosure. They have their pool, playground, little forest area and stuff. Diego is just hanging out here. Almost all of his animals are rescues. Be informed before jumping to conclusion.

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