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Cat | July 12, 2022 8:06 AM | hangbony

Cat Fight Compilation Video

What causes cat fights?

Cats are territorial animals, and they frequently engage in combat to protect the areas they see as their own. This most frequently occurs when cats fight outside the home because your pet thinks the other cat has int.ru.ded on their ter.ri.tory. Alternatively, a fe.r.al cat can think that your cat has no business being here. But these con.fl.icts are equally frequent among cats that live together. Your home is not an exception to how cats utilize scent to delineate their territory. If you have multiple cats living in your home, this is a common cause of con.fl.ict amongst them.


Cats can be naturally ag.gre.ssive in some cases. These cats always fight because male cats are particularly vi.ol.ent. They occasionally also rule over female cats. Your cat might have to select fights with their siblings or start a fight with an unfamiliar cat in order to express their ag.gr.ession.

Ro.ugh play: Cats can occasionally engage in ro.ugh play while playing. Cats can be rough when they play, but this is not the same as hos.tility or fighting. However, such play could turn into a qu.arrel or end.an.ger one or both cats. If you can do so safely, it is advisable to keep your cats apart in such circumstances.

Cats are not pack animals and typically dislike living in both small and large groups. Creating lots of quiet, private hiding places for “me time” as well as different feeding areas for each cat, several drinking stations, and other strategies will help make space sharing less unpleasant. Utilizing cat-appeasing pheromone products, such as sprays to apply to household furniture or plug into diffusers, can assist to lessen stressful feelings and, as a result, lessen ag.gre.ssive behavior. These methods can be used to ease the introduction of a new cat or to lessen any ag.gre.ssive behavior in a household with numerous cats.

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