Angry Cat – Street Fighting Cats

Ever notice the difference between the way cats and dogs fight? When dogs fight it is, bl.oo.dy and usually over pretty quick. They settle their differences and move on. But when cats fight… ugh. It is, vi.ol.ent, and deeply personal. I don’t know if they ever get over it.

my cat used to do fights all the time during the night and would come back everytime with new battle scars. his ears were so matted up we had to get him treated for infection. some cat fights would end with a de.ath. not my cat. we would always show up at our door all scratched and battle up but never too inj.ured. that’s when i figured he was the neighborhood mafia boss. he even my dog.

i like how they verbally argue until one of them gets pis.sed enough to throw the first punch.

0:40 was nuts, I’ve never seen a cat actually make contact without going for it, brown one had complete control, knew it was all a show.