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Cat | July 19, 2022 10:45 AM | hangbony

Raccoon Attacks Feral Cat

I was quite surprised to see a big male Raccoon chase down and attack a male feral cat on the trail camera in the “jungle” behind the Backyard. It looked and sounded bad for the cat as the Raccoon overtook it from behind. But how did the cat fare?

Judging by how chunky and well-fed the cat looked, I’d guess he’s a pretty accomplished pre.da.tor/ki.ll.er. No surprise he was easily able to hold his own ag.ai.nst a raccoon. And let’s not forget who has the sharper claws.

Feral cats and raccoons should probably just avoid each other. They are too closely matched it seems. If anything, this raccoon seemed to get the worst of it, and it had attacked the cat from behind.

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