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Elephant | January 31, 2023 12:38 PM | hangbony

Rescᴜe by the herᴏic herd! When liᴏns attempt tᴏ kill an elephant calf, its elders intervene tᴏ save it

This poor elephant calf, around 2-3 years old, must have been abandoned by it’s herd for its leg injury. It’s survival depends on it’s mother’s decision to stay with it and protect it when being left behind by the herd. Obviously, the outcome of the calf has told every thing.

I’m not mad at the lions for killing the baby elephant cause animals gotta eat but where was the baby elephant mothers who was suppose to protect the baby elephant. And that big elephant should be ashamed because he was to afraid to step up to those lions to save the little one even though he was 10x their size and the little elephant tried his hardest. 🙁

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