Great Tit Nestbox.


The great-great-great-great grandchildren of these birds are now producing eggs; is it strange that I became upset when the nest was completely empty at the end?

It’s very cute to observe how the male feeds the female at the start, 7 out of 8 eggs hatched, proving what a great husband he is, Given the fact that everything wants to eat them and the weather, that’s a very excellent result.

Because the final one took so long to go, I’m wondering if any birds are intelligent enough to realize, “Well, I’m the last one left” This is, I suppose, my new home, There’s no need for me to make my own,” he joked.

It seemed a little disappointing that once the birds were mature enough to fly, their parents just left them in the nest while they practiced flying and then flew away, abandoning the nest along the way.

I’m always curious as to how they keep track of who eats and who doesn’t, Everything was spotless, but then I noticed the parents scooping up the excrement off the chicks’ bottoms and carrying it outside, Thank you for like and share.

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