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Animals | January 13, 2022 3:13 AM | hangbony

Anacondas in Brazil Adventure – BigAnimals Global Expeditions.

This amazing footage of Anacondas and Piranhas was captured by Mark Gottlieb during our quest to find these magnificent reptiles.

I appreciate you having such large stones to film this!Swimming with 16-foot Anacondas and then taking a dip with Piranhas? That is a warped idea of fun! Cheers!!
Amazing! A 30ft, 500lb anaconda can move so gracefully and effortlessly through the water — it’s easy to understand why they’re an apex predator when you see them swimming!

This video must have been recorded in the beautiful river in Bonito-MS. I already caught a 9 meter anaconda in a pond. She had eaten just like the one in the video. It was very thick. We released her. There are two types, one “green” and the other “yellow”. The yellow one is more aggressive apparently. Both attack when they want to eat “naturally”. In the region where I lived in the river, I didn’t have a bath when I was a child. I was afraid of anaconda and jaguars. There were a lot of them.

In just one place in Brazil, you can do that. In a town called BONITO (beautiful in English), in the MATO GROSSO DO SUL state. This place where it was filmed is called Natural Aquarium and is located in the Silver River (Rio da Prata in Portuguese). This footage and contact with those animals are common there, and every year, thousands of people from all over the world visit Bonito to enjoy its natural beauty. The great portion of limestone in the water makes it crystal clear and translucent, and then on sunny days you can see everything at the bottom of the river. Elsewhere, as in the Blue Lake grotto, the water is completely dark blue and the place is magic. Come visit Bonito! Help to preserve animal life. Be against animal suffering and killing. Enjoy the life!
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